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A:講義は日本語(海外講師の回も日本語逐次通訳付)で実施し、また講義で使用する2種類(ServiceNow Fundamentals, Application Development Fundamentals)のトレーニングテキストも日本語版を提供します。資格試験についても日本語で受験可能です。講義外で課される宿題の中には、英語のオンデマンドコースも含まれますが、講義内での内容の理解が基本となりますので、安心してチャレンジいただければと思います。




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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are days when I can’t attend the lecture. Is it possible to take classes on demand?
A: On-demand classes are available for each session. We plan to record and share each lecture. Please contact the secretariat or the instructor in advance when you find out when you will not be able to attend. We request you to join us live for groupwork held in August.

Q: I can’t participate in the internship. Is it possible to participate only in the lecture?
A: The purpose is to let you experience what you learned in the lecture in the field of business, but if you can’t participate in the internship due to circumstances, we will consult with you individually. Please contact the secretariat.

Q: Will I receive an explanation from the company after applying for the program?
A: Yes, we will inform you of the company information session only for those who have confirmed their participation in this program. Please check the outline of the company information in the materials of the program briefing session.

Q: Is it okay to change the internship from the company I requested when applying for the program to another company after listening to the contents of the company information session on June 9th?
A: Yes, in the company information session, each company will inform students of contact information. After the company information session, the content of the internship will be coordinated between the company and the students.

Q: I’m not very good at English, is that okay?
A: Lectures will be conducted in Japanese (for overseas lecturers will also be accompanied by Japanese sequential interpretation), and two types of training texts (ServiceNow Fundamentals, Application Development Fundamentals) used in the lectures will also be provided in Japanese. You can also take the qualification test in Japanese. Some of the homework assigned outside the lecture includes an on-demand course in English, but since it is basic to understand the content inside the lecture, we hope that you will take on the challenge with confidence.

Q: I don’t have any technical skills or experience, is that okay?
A: The content will be understandable even if you do not have IT-related knowledge and skills. Many of the general students have just joined the company as new graduates, and the instructor in charge will proceed with the lecture while checking the level of understanding of everyone, so there were things you did not understand or anxiety about. Please do not hesitate to contact the instructor.

Q: For a 3-day group work, can I decide grouping on our own?
A: We are planning to divide the group randomly, but if you wish, we will adjust it at the time of grouping, so please let us know.

Q: Is there anything I need to prepare before starting the program?
A: Nothing in particular, but if you have time, I would like you to have an image of ServiceNow from the link in the source introduction in the briefing material, and about the course content from the course introduction blog. Access to various resources used in the course will be guided by the instructor during the first lecture.