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  • 情報セキュリティ・コンプライアンス教育について
  • 情報セキュリティや情報サービスについて
    URL: https://www.media.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/helpdesk/

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  • Check here for the implementation guidelines for 2024.


About “Information Security and Compliance Education”

“Information Security and Compliance Education” was started for first-year students in 2011 due to the need for education on information security and legal compliance for our students. After that, the target has been expanded to all members, including faculty and staff, from 2012, and it continues to the present. Due to the synergistic effect with other efforts carried out by the University, the number of information security incidents since 2011 has decreased significantly compared to before the start.

“Information Security and Compliance Education” consists of the following flow.

Structure of Information Security Compliance Education

Freshman Course

The first-year students will take a Freshman Course to acquire basic knowledge about information security and compliance. Whether or not you need to take the course depends on the attributes and the status of attendance of related classes, so please check the table below and take the necessary course (the first-year undergraduate students will take the same course in Chapter 5 of “Introduction to University Education”).

1st year undergraduate studentsStudents who take Chapter 5 of "Introduction to University Education"
Students who does not take Chapter 5 of "Introduction to University Education"
1st year graduate studentsThose who enrolled from another university
Those who enrolled from Hiroshima university but have not attended yet
Transfer students
Advanced course students
Non-regular students (research students, students taking courses, preparatory education students such as Japanese)*2
Legal trainees
*1 Even if attendance is "Mandatory", attendance will be exempted if attendance with the old student number is confirmed.
*2 Non-regular students who have been enrolled for less than 3 months are not eligible for the Freshman course, but please take it as much as possible.

Confirmation Test (after taking Freshman Course)

The first-year students will check their comprehension level with the Confirmation Test after taking the Freshman Course (the confirmation test after taking Chapter 5 of “Introduction to University Education” is applicable). The test has 15 questions, and if you answer 12 or more questions correctly, you will pass. You can take the exam as many times as you like until you pass.


After 2nd year members will look back on themselves for the past year through Self-check and confirm that they have acted in accordance with the information security policy established by the university. This Self-check corresponds to the self-check stipulated in the implementation procedure “University-wide common edition” (in addition, some departments carry out their own self-test). By looking back on yourself calmly and honestly, you can expect that the Follow-up Course that follows will be even more effective.

(For those who did not participate in last year’s Information Security Incident Response Drill)

Supplementary Information Security Incident Response Drill and Verification Test

In addition to raising awareness about virus prevention through information security training, our university has been conducting “Information Security Incident Response Drill” since the 2017 academic year. This drill assumes that incidents may occur, and it aims to ensure that users can promptly take appropriate actions during such incidents. If you did not participate in “Information Security Incident Response Drill” in the previous year, you are required to take the “Supplementary Information Security Incident Response Drill and Verification Test.” If you have already completed the training, this contents will not be displayed.
The verification test consists of 6 questions, and passing requires answering all questions correctly. You can retake the test as many times as needed.

Follow-up Course

All university members will take a Follow-up Course aimed at updating their knowledge of information security and compliance after the Freshman Course or Self-check. As the situation surrounding information security changes daily, we will improve our ability to protect ourselves and our organization by obtaining the latest information.

Confirmation Test (after taking Follow-up Course)

After taking the Follow-up Course, all university members will confirm their comprehension level with a Confirmation Test. The test has 20 questions, and if you answer 16 or more correctly, you will pass. You can take the exam as many times as you like until you pass. Passing this Confirmation Test is a prerequisite for Account Confirmation and Account Renewal of the Information Media Center.

Account Confirmation, Renewal

The 1st year users of IMC must confirm their account within 90 days after acquisition, and after 2nd year, users of IMC must renew their account once a year (April to June every year). During your enrollment period, you are required to take information security education at least once a year and deepen your understanding before using information services. See below for details on each procedure (opens in a new tab).

Past implementation status and guidelines

    • Implementation status to date can be found here.


  • Implementation guidelines for 2023 can be found here.
  • Implementation guidelines for 2022 can be found here.
  • Implementation guidelines for 2021 can be found here.
  • Implementation guidelines for 2020 can be found here.