Account Confirmation


Account Confirmation Procedure
Purpose of the Account Confirmation

In order to make sure to have the knowledge about the information security, all new account holder has to proceed the account confirmation in first year of Hiroshima University.

  • After the second years, you have to proceed the Account Renewal, for every year.
  • If your account is not confirmed, it will be locked. Once your account was locked, you cannot receive any mails including important mails from the university until you confirm the use of account.
Account Type to need the Account Confirmation
  • Personal Account registered after 2016/4/1.
Outline of Account Confirmation
  • Login to IMC registration system and click the account confirmation button during the confirmation period (30 days later the account is registered) or the grace period (60 days later the confirmation period has ended), and agree to the consent statement displayed.
  • We will send several remind mails during the grace period.
  • The unconfirmed account will be locked after the end of grace period. In order to make your account usable, login to IMC registration system and unlock your account.
Schedule (Depends on the registration date of the account)

Confirmation period: within 30 days later the account is registered
Grace Period: 60 days later the confirmation period has ended (Remind mails will be sent)
Account Lock: the day after the grace period has ended

Example: ————-
(1) Registration date: Apr 1

Confirmation period: Apr 1 – May 1
Grace Period: May 2 – Jun 30 (Remind mails will be sent)
Account Lock: Jul 1

(2) Registration date: Oct 1

Confirmation period: Oct 1 – Oct 31
Grace Period: Nov 1 – Dec 30 (Remind mails will be sent)
Account Lock: Dec 31


How to confirm your account
  1. Login to the IMC registration system by “Hirodai ID [Student/Staff ID Number]“.
    Click the “Hirodai ID” on the menu.
    You can change the language (Japanese/English).
  2. Click the “Account Confirmation” on the menu.
  3. You will be redirected to the moodle, the online learning system automatically, and find the course named “Information Security and Compliance 20XX”.
    Take the course and pass the final test before account confirmation.
    To change the language (Japanese/English/Chinese), click on [Language] next to “huc13” in the upper left corner, instead of using the browser’s translation function. If your browser has a translation function, you may not be able to submit your test answers.
  4. After pass the final test, you will find the consent statement of “Account Confirmation” on the screen.
    Read the statement carefully, then click a radio button named “I Agree”, and click the “Send” button.
  • If you do not proceed the account confirmation during the grace period, then your account will be locked.
  • In order to use your locked account again, login to the IMC registration system from some PC which can be connected to the Internet, and proceed the step 1-3. If you meet some troubles, feel free to contact us, IMC.